About BuildEffective

We are homeowners, contractors, designers, businesspeople and software developers. We came together to create software solutions that would help with all our home management needs, that we would want to use, and everyone else too of course. We wanted a platform that we would feel safe using, that gave us value, that we would like using, and that would help us do what we need and want to do with our homes. We couldn’t find any that did everything we wanted, so, we decided to build one. Before we started developing BuildEffective, we listed the values it had to represent, and what we believe our software platform should and shouldn’t be.

This is what we believe

  • What we build has to make a difference, and be helpful to people.
  • What we build must be useful and provide true solutions.
  • What we charge must be fair and equal to the value of what we sell.

What we believe a software platform should be:

  • It should help you with the complete homeownership lifecycle, so you don’t need to jump around from site to site to get things done.
  • It should make it easy to connect with the resources and people that you need for anything home related.
  • It should let you do what you want and need to do.
  • It should provide guidance and help me understand what is possible and help me through the steps in each and ever phase of Homeownership.
  • It should use the same Industry Best Practices that pros use so everyone can be efficient and save money
  • It should be a safe place for me to park my information.

What we believe a software platform should NOT be:

  • It should NOT be pushy, salesy and intrusive
  • It should NOT try to get people to do things that aren’t in their best interest.
  • It should NOT cost us money every month.

So BuildEffective is built using these beliefs and will always be a platform that we are proud to have built and that we love to use.

We really don’t like it when our information is shared and we start getting ads, and solicitations we never asked for. This is our philosophy on personal information and data security:

  1. We never share personal info, like name, address, email. Our users choose who to contact and collaborate with on the platform.
  2. We do share some basic home information like zip code, which helps the industry understand trends and needs.
  3. If a user wants to share nothing then there will be a small charge. Think of this as an on/off switch that lets product suppliers and service providers reach out to you only when you want them to.