The only way to be in control, save money, and save time is to be prepared. HomeGuide features help you get the most out of your home.
Home Buying, Remodeling, Maintaining, Selling.
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Be Ready, Be In Control

The only way to be in control, is to be prepared.

HomeGUIDE Features

Your HomeGUIDE is more than a record of your house. It’s an interactive guide that helps you document what you have, define what you need and want, and get things done. With tools and features that help you be prepared, and be proactive, you can get the most out of your home at every lifecycle stage.

Online Home Profile

Your HomeGUIDE is a living record of your home and everything in it.

Home Gallery

Create and save a shareable, searchable visual record of your home and its contents.

Wish List

Save design ideas, pictures, products, and features that inspire your next home project.

Remodel Planning

Easily create and send requests for quotes on remodel or renovation projects. Create your request once and send it to as many people and retailers as you like.

Repair or Replace

Use the information you enter to request estimates to repair, replace, or get maintenance service on products.

Maintenance Scheduler

Set reminders for future maintenance, and plan for future replacement.

Home Selling Guide

Know what projects to do to get the best price for your home, and which will cost you more than you'll get back.

Home Buying Guide

Know what repairs and remodeling projects will cost, before you buy a house. Use the home comparison tool pick the best home for you.

Insurance Vault

Get the full value after a loss. Store pictures, receipts, and warranties for all your valuables. Share your vault contents with your insurance company and make sure you're not over or under covered.

Records Room

Keep all your records in one place; permits, plans, HOA paperwork, blueprints, insurance policies, all your receipts for work done, products purchased, and track your warranties.


Keep all your contacts in one place and connect your service and repair providers to the records of what they did.